Fall 2020 100% Online Learning Option

To request that one or more of your children participate in a 100% online instructional option for the 2020 Fall Semester, parents must complete the request for full online instruction form located on Parent Portal. We are asking that parents complete one request per child whom you want to attend fully online by Friday, August 14, 2020.

If you do not have a Parent Portal or have difficulties using it, please call the Parent Help Line at 719-549-7111.

Families who do not complete the survey will be automatically enrolled in the fully in person (K-5) or hybrid in person (6-12) model. 

  1. log onto your district Parent Portal and select the "Survey" tab,

  2. click the “Request for Full-Online Instruction” link and click “Start,” and

  3. answer the five questions and click “Complete Survey.” 

Please note: All families are asked to commit to a minimum of one semester for their instructional delivery model of choice before being allowed to make changes to a different model. Changes in the middle of the semester may be requested for hardship situations.